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The work in this show is meant to highlight the challenges and negotiations between having time for myself, and the constant need and interruption of an other. It is a body of work that has emerged from having a 40 + hour a week job and being a full-time mom. Instead of having the ability to be in the studio all the time and producing a body of work, the time spent installing becomes a durational performance or studio practice. A heavily conceptualized idea is prepared and then executed at the site-specific location of the gallery.

The “Mother Lode” is the origin of a treasure or vein of ore, something precious. My use of it here indicates both the above meaning and the origin of me as a mother, which is the child. I am also playing with the word “lode” and interchanging it with “load”. The mental and physical space that is devoted to one’s child vastly differs from someone who is not a mother: the breast pumps, diaper bags, extra clothes (both for mother and child), strollers, school bags, lunch boxes, shoes, toys, games, etc. The mental space is consumed with where are they? I hope they are all right? What time do I need to go get them? Am I there enough for them? Do I spend enough time with them? And more. The sheer quantity of “stuff” demonstrates the space taken up by being a mother.

David Brooks Art Gallery, Fairmont State University, September 2 - October 3, 2014