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Curated by Natalie S. Loveless and Soledad Novoa,
New Maternalisms Chile
New Maternalisms is a curatorial project by the Canadian artist, academic and curator Natalie S. Loveless. The curatorial idea stems from the question of how maternity affects contemporary women artists and what it means to work on the subject of motherhood in the art world today, in the context not only of the poststructuralist challenges to the body in the 1970’s–1980’s, but the many returns to the body in feminist art from the 1990s onwards.

I was invited to perform "In Balance With" with Chloé in June 2014. This is an edited video of the live performance. We have performed this work about four times at the rate of about one per year. Each time it is performed, it is different. A representation of our current lives together, "In Balance With" is a still or portrait of that particular time. In this case, a suitcase and all of our travel items accompany us as we traveled to Santiago, Chile together. At age 10, Chloe chose to have soccer (the World Cup was going on at the time) represented, books and sketchbooks, water, and candy among other items present.

This was performed at the Museum of Contemporary Art (MAC) in Santiago. I choose to situate the items to go onto the seesaw in a circle around the room. This served a dual purpose. It allowed me to move about the space picking up the "stuff", just as I do at home. It also kept the audience in a periphery around the piece and not get too close to inhibit the performance action.