Courtney Kessel
Reveal Collaborative @ Majestic Galleries
November 2012
Found In Translation
Reveal Collaborative Statement
Courtney Kessel, Natalie Tornatore, Danielle Wyckoff

As artist/collaborators, we come together to not necessarily put our individual research aside, but to fortify and highlight our commonalities through a new set of methodologies and practice. Our mixed media sculptures, drawings, and installations take shape through the multiple ways in which we understand, experience, and perceive spaces and materials: a feminist form resulting in works that engage the viewer to understand familiar actions, places, and materials through a new language, mark, or presence.

This exhibition features collaborative work investigating issues of perception and location, as well as, the artists' individual research exploring space, language, and relationships.

Front Gallery:
This space features site-specific work that speaks to the history of the Majestic as a movie theater. The 1912 film shown stars Mabel Normand and is titled, “Oh, Those Eyes.” Each artist individually responded to the moving images translating it into a drawing. The layers and images are unique to each artist but find common ground through the specificity of the film.

Danielle Wyckoff, The Giving Withdrawing, graphite on paper, 2010

Main Gallery: Clockwise from left,

Danielle Wyckoff, All I Can Give You Is All That I Am, graphite, 2012

Courtney Kessel, Untitled, silkscreen on newspaper, 2010

Courtney Kessel, Maternal Verbs (after Richard Serra), foil paper, 2012

Danielle Wyckoff, Embrace, salt, cheese cloth, 2011

Natalie Tornatore, Between II, porcelain, wire, glass crystal, 2011

Natalie Tornatore, Untitled, porcelain, ink, video, 2010

Rear Gallery:

Hallway: Reveal Collaborative, Chimera, performance, video, 2011

Room: Reveal Collaborative, Vestige, performance, video, 2011

Reveal, Plot of Land IV, graphite, 2012

Reveal, Record of Measure, music box, paper strips, photo documentation, 2011